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There is growing scientific evidence regarding the potential benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in a wide range of conditions. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an emerging therapy, and so research into its efficacy is ongoing.

Please note that the information on this website, including listed medical research papers below, texts, graphics, images or other material, is for informational purposes only and may not be appropriate or applicable for your individual circumstances. This website does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for consultation with a health care professional. You should seek medical advice from a qualified health care professional for any questions regarding your condition. This website should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

At NUMA, we aim to keep up to date with the latest research and regularly attend global conferences with the world’s leading experts. We closely follow innovative developments in the hyperbaric oxygen field to provide the best care for our patients. We strive to maintain active records of research on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. For each condition listed below, you can access the applicable research by clicking the links. Please note that although many of these conditions have undergone significant research, the use of HBOT is not authorised other than FDA/UHMS approved conditions.

We are continually updating our records as new research becomes available, so please tune in for updates.

Complementary Therapy

Long Covid 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Patients with COVID-19


Traumatic Brain Injuries 

Dementia / Cognitive impairment

Fibromyalgia / ME / Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Pain

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Inflammatory Bowel Disease/ Crohn’s Disease / Ulcerative Colitis


Lyme Disease

Pre-Operative Conditioning and Post Surgical Recovery / Wound Healing

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