Essential information for patients and visitors regarding COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 )

NUMA is open!

Please be assured that the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff are our top priority.
We are continuously monitoring the changes and following the updated guidelines and recommendations by the government and NHS in providing healthcare service during COVID-19 pandemic.

Before your appointment:
  • Please complete our registration form and any billing requirements, in advance of your appointment to minimise your time in the clinic prior to your treatment. Please do let us know if you require our assistance in filling the online forms. 
  • We have processes in place to assist patients and minimise time spent in the clinic.
  • We implement source control for all patients and staff entering our practice, regardless of symptoms.
At your NUMA appointment:
  • Please ensure you have no continuous or new cough OR high temperature OR loss of/change in smell or taste. If you have any of these symptoms, please stay at home for 7 days from onset of any symptom, or 14 days if a family member has symptoms as per government guidelines.
  • Please attend your appointment alone if possible. You may be accompanied with only one relative, or carer if required for your needs. We would not be able to allow your relative, or carer in the treatment room.
  • Please allow only one person to use the stairs at a time, except an escorting family member or career.
  • We will screen all patients before the appointment/ treatments.
  • We have hand sanitiser dispensers at the entry and exit of our clinic. We would request you to use the hand sanitisers and wash hands with soap for 20 seconds before and after your appointment. Please use disposable tissues and bin them after use.
  • Please adhere government‘s 2 metre social distancing guidelines in waiting areas. Patients from the same household may sit together.
  • Appointment times will be adequately staggered to allow safe running of our services.
  • All our staff are trained in infection prevention. They will be wearing PPE relevant to their roles.
  • Please be assured that we maintain rigorous cleaning/ disinfecting of our clinic space and chambers.
  • Chambers will be entirely cleaned and disinfected, and adequately ventilated between each use.
  • We will continue to work with local health authorities and update our policies in accordance with future developments.